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This is about the Alysian Mytholgy created by Berlin Glasgow, Desdemona Star Chambers, Ashlyn Peralta, Sherry Herrera, and Jonathan Jordan in Mytholgy/Folklore 2011


Lunessa, Xzapherus, and Uruuk made their own domains that made up the universe.AlysiaFINAL


Lunessa created the moon and built her home, Alyskus, on it. On Alyskus Lunessa's daughters Ionis, goddess of fertility, Renee, goddess of love, and Arcnene, goddess of wisdom and magic, live with her, so to do her other daughters, the Alyskins, who are treated more like servants, for they are only demigods who serve Lunessa. The Alysians, Lunessa's creations who live on Gahenna, go to Alyskus when they die, and live with Lunessa and her daughters.


Xzapherus, the strongest of the three gods, created a large planet far larger than the moon, he called it Gahenna. Xzapherus filled this planet with water, earth, air, and metals, and from these elements he created four gods. Xzapherus created forests and mountains. He created sprites to worship him and live on Gahenna, Lunessa created the Alysians to live on Gahenna, and Uruuk created humans to live there as well. Gahenna was the greatest and largest thing ever created.


Uruuk was jealous of the other gods creations and made his own planet, and named it Lazarus. The planet was smaller than Gahenna, and no where near as great. Gahenna was filled with life while Lazarus was filled with despair. Six realms made up Lazarus, and Uruuk's demons lived there with him. When his humans died the would go to Lazarus to serve Uruuk and his demons. Alysian and sprites who denied their gods would go to Lazarus to be tortured by the demons.

Gahenna was the center of the universe, the stars in the sky, the sun, and space itself revolved around Gahenna. The moon also revolved around Gahenna, it's light always shone upon it. Lazarus did not revolve around Gahenna. Uruuk wanted to keep his creation far away from Gahenna and Alyskus. There is a giant black vortex next to Gahenna that is a portal to Lazarus. Soul of the recently departed travel through this vortex to get to Lazarus.

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